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Feeling Blue :( October 4, 2008

Filed under: My Bad Moments,My Thoughts,سوالف — Najla @ 9:29 pm


Tomorrow is the first day of work after the eid holiday,  I had a really good break … aaaaaaaaahhh I can’t believe it 😦 it just end so quick ..


Today I’ve got alot of msgs from my colleagues they want to make sure if tomorrow is  work or not! and it dosen’t stop here even my manager asked me the same question … i don’t want to disappointed them, but yeah towmorrow is the first day of work, so cheeeeeeeer up guys cheeeeeeer up all  😥


I’ve been always told that after a holiday… try to think back to the best times you had on the work days and feeling bad when you return from holiday is a sure sign that your internal life is out of balance. As a philosopher once said, . “If you’re doing your job just for the money, you should leave it tomorrow”.


for sure I’m not doing my job only for money I’m just missing my bed 😦


8 Responses to “Feeling Blue :(”

  1. Hanady Says:

    ma3leshe.. haik eldnya marat tkonn 2asyeh..

    😀 😀

    lek mashyeaa najooooooooool 😀 good luck.

  2. omama Says:

    نجولتي كيف شفتي الدوام اليوم بعد البوست؟؟؟؟

    الأيام كلها بتمر بسرعة شئنا أم أبينا ..
    بس والله استمتعنا بهالاجازة 🙂

  3. moneera Says:

    hey naylo,

    enjoy your time and don’t lose any minute in your life 🙂

  4. Fatoom Says:

    ana ra7 adawm nshallah.. el2sboo3 elyay 😉

  5. Dalal Says:

    lo0ol be patient sweety and love ur work 🙂

    remember that there is someone who doesn’t have a job and thank God 🙂

    i wish u all the best 🙂

  6. holacarino Says:

    Thanx Dalal, ur right 🙂
    1000 elhamdeallah.

  7. don’t be sad sweety
    wallat it’s better than sleepin’ all the time LooooooooL
    i miss my uni and can’t wait to start studyin’ next week
    if u wanna ma vacation i would to replace places ^.*
    cheeer up girl;P

  8. holacarino Says:


    Thank you honey 🙂

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