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Meaning Of Names ~ May 2, 2009

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I’ve been wondering if English names have meanings, so I started searching and I found that many English names come from other languages such as Greek, French, German.. etc.. , so to know an English name’s meaning you have to go back to the name’s origins and check where it comes from for example “Alberto” ( German ) it means “noble +famous“, ” Adam” Hebrew word for “man” and “Catherine” (Greek ) means “pure“.


In Arabic most names have unique and beautifule meanings for example: “Muhammed” which is the most widely used name in the world means “revered” ,  “Adel” means: “Just” and “Khaled” means: “Enternal“.


“The majority of Arabic names, both feminine and masculine, are derived from Islam. They are names that are meant to glorify God or to express the parents’ faith in Islam. Other names are poetic and are drawn from earlier, pre-Islamic times and are usually the names of heroes or heroines from early Arabic poetry. A small amount of other names are descriptions of things that are considered beautiful in Arab cultures such as horses, light, roses and lions”. **qouted**. like “Maha” it means “oryxs” refers to its large, luminous eyes.


, so tell me what does your name mean? 🙂


big beautiful eyes