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NO… I’m not that girl any more… April 30, 2008

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Yesterday I remember that I have a box that contains all my school memories rubbish 😀

I found my first notebook, I have it snice I was 9 yrs old…

here is what i’ve read exactly,  i just translated into english 


What the…????? what’s wrong with you girl???? you can’t take everything you like,,,, if you really like it…just go and buy it!!

It’s embarrassing that I was treating my friends like that,, i was… a really strange girl

Oh poor Reem.. I can remember you very well, you were a nice girl, hope you’re not remembering my stupid behaves, cuz I’m not that girl any more 😦


We don’t shake hands with men November 25, 2007

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I’m writing this post and my heart is full, yeah shaking hands with the opposite gender this is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to me, I’m not talking here about western men I’m talking about Arabs… Muslim Arabs, cuz westerns have their religion & culture and I’ve no problem to tell them that we don’t shake hands with men, but what’s the problem with Arab men…

What should I tell them…?

Physical contact with the opposite is prohibited in Islam?


They don’t know?


100,000 QR August 13, 2007

It’s not easy 2 be the reason of lose and discredited  your Company… you’ve lose the Dept. a  free project costing 100,000 QR that exactly what my Boss was saying 2 me….


I forgot 2 send the Project Presentation to the Projects manager….


My Boss called me: Did u Send the Project Presentation 2 Mr. ………  I told her: Oh I forgot.. I’ll send it now. she said angry: It dose not work honey the General Manager is so angry and she took the project from us 2 tranfer it 2 another dept.


I didn’t understand how we lose a free project.. the reason that my Boss was mad that she was keeping thinking that the effort she came with 2 get this free project has disappeared.


Dead Chicken.. August 12, 2007

I hate that moment it was really embarrassing


That day my Boss was in a meeting before her Flight time  while i was sitting on my desk i saw my Boss’s driver and he was carying a white envelope and he just asked for her I told him immediately “she’s in a meeting” then I noticed that he was hesitating to give that  envelope, I just told him “why you’re scare give the envelope“, he looked at me and he said ” It’s Money” i told him “okay what’s the problem give the envelope” and i took that envelope…. while i was putting it middle my book he was watching me then he left….


My Boss get back from her meeting and i start talking with her forgetting about everything… then she told that she has to leave because it’s her trip time.


After she’s gone I remember the white envelope and I screemed “now I’m a dead chicken” then I call the Dept. Assistent ” MY BOSS JUST LEFT AND I FORGOT 2 GIVE HER THE MONEY” the Assistent was sooo calm and she answered me “I saw her driver took that white envelope from your desk“.