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alot lot lot lot.. alot of things… February 5, 2009

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After horrible events in Gaza I’ve had my own hard moments also; the past few days were full of different emotions…


The worst thing that happened to me and had changed a lot in my personality was my engagement to a mystery guy..


Have you ever heard of a manager who’s busy planning to get her staff married???


My manager had arranged a plan with a mystery groom and his mom to come to our office to see me while I was ignorant of what is happening around me. She called me to her office and in front of him she started talking to me about things I didn’t understand. After he’s gone; she told me about her plan made and she kept talking about him..


she said… “so tell me…what do you think about him?….. Did you like him?”


WHAT???? o_O

How hell I’ll know him?? I didn’t realize his face either.

and does these things go like that????? in a workplace?????


I told her… “I have no answer at the moment. I’ll pray Estekhara then I’ll tell you about my decision”.


My manager and one of my colleagues have very close relationship with the groom’s mom. they started using the “HE HAS… HE HAS… AND THEY HAVE.”


They don’t know me; they kept talking about what he has not who he is and this what I really care about.


I felt bad from the beginning and this feeling was increasing after praying the Estekhara.


I have taken my decision after a week and I’m very happy with it. Day by day I hear a lot of things about his personality and about his family way of  life which I really don’t like.


,so I told my manager about my decision. It was “NO” ….of course.


1st Feb was my friend’s Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY FatOoOoOm, May all your wishes come true honey!  love you soooooooo much 🙂


And today I had an English placement test  in order to take English training courses.

and I think I did pretty well 🙂


So, hope you all happy days .. enjoy your weekends ❤





10 Responses to “alot lot lot lot.. alot of things…”

  1. Hanady Says:

    heeeheee …

    maskena modertek…. bdha tfra7 fekon 😉 wala ente sho ra2yek?

  2. Najla Says:

    ma5talafna bs not in that way ….

    its horrible!!!!!!!

  3. Hanady Says:

    mashea ya 7elo 🙂

    Bs 3anjad da7aktne 😀 she’s funny 😀

  4. hey sweety
    enshAllah 5air u’ll get married of another awesome guy ^.*

    i miss ya bent
    It has been a very long time since I visited ur blog but walla i just reopened my two blogs (Arabic and English)
    i was busy with my finals exam at college

  5. omama Says:

    اختلاف التفكير بسبب مشاكل دائماً
    أحيانا متل المديرة الفاضلة هدفها كان خير بس الطريقة كانت بتنرفز
    بس انا متأكدة انها تجربة مفيدة كتير كانت إلك يا صديقتي
    وغير هيك وضحتلك أشياء بشخصيتك وغيرتلك كمان
    وياما حنشوف قصص طول ما احنا بهالشغل

  6. Najla Says:

    Hey female symphony,

    Thank you honey 😉 miss you more and miss your posts

    Hope you did well with your exams.. 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂

  7. Najla Says:

    حبيبتي أمامه،،

    والله كلامك كله صح،، هالتجربة غيرت فيني وايد
    وعطتني ثقة بنفسي وبقراراتي

    ههههه الله يستر 😀

  8. Fatoom Says:

    Thanx nayloooo 4 ur wishes…

    والله يرزقك بزوج صالح يخاف الله ويصونك ويحفظك

  9. Najla Says:

    وياج يا حبيبتي يا فطووم 🙂

  10. Yogesh kumar Says:


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