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Hola cariño! June 6, 2008

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Many people ask me about my nickname “holacarino” …

When I was 15 I loved to learn new languages, so my sis bought me a Spanish teaching booklet and “holacarino” was the first  thing I’ve learned that time.


Hola cariño… must be written separated and it means “hello my dear or my darling”.


I was soo excited that I started learning Spanish, but I forgot all my 10 Spanish words that I’ve learned 😦 ,but “holacarino” was the only word that sticked in my head….why?…. ¿Por qué?…. coz my firends used to call me that, also we used it as a secret key..Oops 😯 .. did I messed up?…whatever..

Hasta luego 🙂 … Good bye  :mrgreen: