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May Allah Bless His Soul October 12, 2008

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Today was a hard day……  My friend’s father died this morning..


Its really hurt to see someone close to you in pain.


She sent me a msg telling me about her father, I was really shocked; not just because he died, but because I know that my friend is very close to her father.


And when i talked to her over the phone she was crying really badly, she wasn’t able to say anything only ” tell everyone to pray for his soul”.

everyone at work was shocked.. everyone want to go and see her… everyone tried to call her…

we all were shocked for her..


since that time and i didn’t stop praying for him… and I wish that everyone who reads this post to pray from the bottom of his/her heart for his soul..


“May Allah bless his soul… forgive him of his sins… make his grave a garden and grant him the highest levels of paradise….. Ameen


Feeling Blue :( October 4, 2008

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Tomorrow is the first day of work after the eid holiday,  I had a really good break … aaaaaaaaahhh I can’t believe it 😦 it just end so quick ..


Today I’ve got alot of msgs from my colleagues they want to make sure if tomorrow is  work or not! and it dosen’t stop here even my manager asked me the same question … i don’t want to disappointed them, but yeah towmorrow is the first day of work, so cheeeeeeeer up guys cheeeeeeer up all  😥


I’ve been always told that after a holiday… try to think back to the best times you had on the work days and feeling bad when you return from holiday is a sure sign that your internal life is out of balance. As a philosopher once said, . “If you’re doing your job just for the money, you should leave it tomorrow”.


for sure I’m not doing my job only for money I’m just missing my bed 😦