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~Sketches ~ April 25, 2009

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Hola cariño! June 6, 2008

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Many people ask me about my nickname “holacarino” …

When I was 15 I loved to learn new languages, so my sis bought me a Spanish teaching booklet and “holacarino” was the first  thing I’ve learned that time.


Hola cariño… must be written separated and it means “hello my dear or my darling”.


I was soo excited that I started learning Spanish, but I forgot all my 10 Spanish words that I’ve learned 😦 ,but “holacarino” was the only word that sticked in my head….why?…. ¿Por qué?…. coz my firends used to call me that, also we used it as a secret key..Oops 😯 .. did I messed up?…whatever..

Hasta luego 🙂 … Good bye  :mrgreen:


NO… I’m not that girl any more… April 30, 2008

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Yesterday I remember that I have a box that contains all my school memories rubbish 😀

I found my first notebook, I have it snice I was 9 yrs old…

here is what i’ve read exactly,  i just translated into english 


What the…????? what’s wrong with you girl???? you can’t take everything you like,,,, if you really like it…just go and buy it!!

It’s embarrassing that I was treating my friends like that,, i was… a really strange girl

Oh poor Reem.. I can remember you very well, you were a nice girl, hope you’re not remembering my stupid behaves, cuz I’m not that girl any more 😦


بـــــاتـــاتـــــس :) January 17, 2008

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صار لي شهووور انطر هالمطعم وأنا أطل وأراقب من مبنى الشغل

مرت أيام و أيام


وأسابيع وشهور


حتى في الأيام المغبرة والممطرة



أنا وميمو في باتاتس 😀



patatas thank you for being near my work 🙂


HaPpy BiRthdAy Nawras :) December 7, 2007

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Yesterday was a very special day… it was my friend (nawras bird) birthday… we celebrate at work as usual also we celebrate the opening of her new office, will it’s not really new but in somehow….

We had a beautiful moments… yeah really special moments…

This is my best cake ever 🙂 nawars bird likes it too…


Gifts Given


We were crazy while opening that big gift


After assembling..


Nawras I hope you enjoy your Birthday 🙂 we tried to make it special as you.

Be shining .. Be  happy


A trip to Al-Saflia Island November 30, 2007

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After the work pressure we had the past period, my work prepared an amazing cruise trip to Al-Saflia Island. We started going at 9:30 am till 2:00 pm everything was perfect … the weather was sunny and cold.

This is the ship we were in…

a.jpg    b.jpg     

My friend Khawla was telling me to go dawnstairs, but I refused… who knows maybe 3freet is dawn there…


While we were sailling…..


d.jpg    e.jpg


We used the speed boat to reach the Island…


The first step on Al Safelyah Island…nothing was there…just sand..


And that old house.. nobody lives in..



We really time I’ll try to persuade them to take us to a desert safari.



I’m tooo late… September 21, 2007

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Ramadan Kareem to all of you Muslims and May Allah accept your fasting and your good deeds…


 After few days kids will celebrate Garangao which comes from the old heritage of our Gulf countries. it’s a traditional night comes in the middle of Ramadan (when the moon is full) The kids dress in traditional clothes and go from house to another to get candies and Singing some special song. At each house, they put some candy and nuts in each child’s bag, which they wear around their necks. In these years, some changes happened; now we make an expensive boxes and invented bags.


 This night brings the happiness to the kids and their families ,but we can’t ignore the reality the noise it could happen.. yes.. Because kids these days are different some of them knock at the door like they want to smash it, but they still kids… no matter!! I never go out to Garangoa when I was kid…  Now I’m mt7sfa cuz Garangao is fala  😦


قرنقعوة قرقاعوه

عطونا الله يعطيكم .. بيت مكه يوديكم..

يا مكة يالمعمورة.. يا أم السلاسل والذهب يا نورة

عطونا من مال الله.. يسلم لكم عبدالله

عطونا دحبة ميزان..يسلم لكم عزيزان

يا بنية يا الحبابة أبوج مشرع بابه

باب الكرم ما صكه ولا حطله بوابه