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Top 7 Tips To Get A Job Promotion June 20, 2009

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” Just want to share these tips with you; I guess its really useful 🙂

For me… I’m dying to get promoted 😥 “


Do you dream of a job promotion, yet somehow it never comes? Perhaps it’s because you’re dreaming too much and not taking initiative. If you want to get promoted, you’ve got to take action. Here are 7 action steps to help turn your dream promotion into a reality.

 1. Be on time all the time

It may seem like a no-brainer, but how can you expect a promotion at work if you’re consistently late? Employees who squeak in even a couple minutes late are sending signals to the boss that work is where they’d rather not be. Show your boss you’re eager to begin your day by showing up at least 10 to 15 minutes early, with time to spare to make your coffee and get settled before working.


 2. Work extra hours

This, of course, is a tricky one. While you don’t want your job to dominate your life, you do want your boss to see you as someone who will give a little extra to the organization, and that includes offering to stay late if needed.


3. Dress for success

Image is everything. If you want to be seen as a professional, then you have to start dressing like one. While this may seem shallow, your appearance is a visual cue to the boss of what type of employee you are. Will you be one who slaps something on in the morning for your dead-end position, or are you one who dresses like you already are a professional?


4. Learn something new

Go the extra mile by learning new skills. Find out about the technical knowledge required in the position you’re aiming for and then learn about it, either by enrolling yourself in training programs provided by your employer, or enrolling in classes in your community or online. Nowadays it’s important to have some knowledge about computing, and you should learn it even if the company doesn’t provide it or tell you to do so.

If your company has offices in other countries, you may consider learning a new language, specifically one that is used in one of your major offices. This means that you can function wherever you may be assigned. Just in case your company needs a new manager in Tokyo or Paris, they’ll know who to promote.


5. Ask for more responsibilities

Asking for more responsibilities signals to the higher-ups that you may be ready to move up the company ladder. You’re no longer the average Joe or Jane who’s just putting in time, but rather someone who has initiative and cares about the success of the company.


6. Learn public speaking

This may not be necessary for some positions, but often when you move up in a company, you may be called upon to give a presentation, or address a group of people. Be ready for it by acquiring some public speaking skills. This will not only help in giving presentations to groups of people, but will also help with small group interactions, where you might be called upon to present an idea to your boss and other leaders of the company. You can take public speaking courses at the community college level, or join a Toastmasters group, where you will receive much needed practice giving speeches.


7. Make yourself known to the Human Resources Department

No one knows the staffing needs of the company better than the Human Resources Department. Get to know members of that department so you can stay informed of future job openings. Make it a point to let them know who you are, and that you’re interested in moving up. That way, when a position does become available, you will be among the first people they consider. Of course, this also can be a bit tricky. The last thing you want is to be phony and pushy. Try to make your presence known without becoming that annoying person they all try to avoid.

These are just some of the ways to go the extra mile to move up at work. Yes, it all takes effort. But, hopefully, the rewards will be great.


does it worth?  😉


13 Responses to “Top 7 Tips To Get A Job Promotion”

  1. Fatoom Says:

    Nice post girl 🙂

    الصراحة انا مابي شي منهم
    انا مرتاحة جذي


  2. Najla Says:

    What’s up???

  3. Fatoom Says:

    I’m just disappointed 😦

    or because I know that there is no hope honey.

    شاسوي؟؟ :؟:

  4. Omama Says:

    الكلام اللي فوق صح مليون بالمية

    بس أكتر اشي عجبني
    “Make yourself known to the Human Resources Department

    😀 😀 😀

    شكراً نجولتي

  5. Najla Says:

    7ata ana 😀

  6. […] time to spare to make your coffee and get settled before working. 2. Read the original here: Top 7 Tips To Get A Job Promotion This entry is filed under Top7-10 Tips. You can follow any responses to this entry through the […]

  7. i’m still a poor hard working student maybe i’ll follow them in future LOL
    BTW: i miss u girl
    how r u?

  8. Najla Says:

    Haaahhaa, u will… nshallah ^^ , life is running too fast.

    I Miss you too honey, waiting for vacation time ^^

  9. Memo KSA Says:

    Honestly, I like your way in writing these amazing and useful tips.
    I hope that they will help me in future ,,,
    KEEP IT UP,,,
    Thank you very much sister.

  10. Najla Says:

    Thank you so much dear 🙂 and welcome to my blog 🙂

  11. Yogesh kumar Says:

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    i read this blog and i founded that which 7 steps have given on this blog for job promotion thease are really capable for provide a handsome salary and a better designation in our present job.
    i say thanks to dear Najla for made this
    regard—yogesh kumar

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  12. Yogesh Kumar Says:

    my name is yogesh kumar I have been a job consultant in my past three years In india. I know many tips about job promotion but when I read najla’s blog then I found which 7 steps najla has given in her blog these are really capable for perfect job promotion in our present job.
    Today’s life style

  13. Ahmed Says:

    it really pumped me up.., Very useful tips and I should start working them now ! Thank you very much for sharing it. May Allah’s guidance always be upon you for your success.

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