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A trip to Al-Saflia Island November 30, 2007

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After the work pressure we had the past period, my work prepared an amazing cruise trip to Al-Saflia Island. We started going at 9:30 am till 2:00 pm everything was perfect … the weather was sunny and cold.

This is the ship we were in…

a.jpg    b.jpg     

My friend Khawla was telling me to go dawnstairs, but I refused… who knows maybe 3freet is dawn there…


While we were sailling…..


d.jpg    e.jpg


We used the speed boat to reach the Island…


The first step on Al Safelyah Island…nothing was there…just sand..


And that old house.. nobody lives in..



We really time I’ll try to persuade them to take us to a desert safari.



We don’t shake hands with men November 25, 2007

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I’m writing this post and my heart is full, yeah shaking hands with the opposite gender this is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to me, I’m not talking here about western men I’m talking about Arabs… Muslim Arabs, cuz westerns have their religion & culture and I’ve no problem to tell them that we don’t shake hands with men, but what’s the problem with Arab men…

What should I tell them…?

Physical contact with the opposite is prohibited in Islam?


They don’t know?


My Friends… November 6, 2007

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مبرووووووك للفــــــائز November 1, 2007

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  The Results



The Answers


Congratulation Qabbani… u won 😀

Girls 😡 How dare u? Was it really difficult? GOD..