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trying to keep my smile…. :) January 29, 2008

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I’ve been feeling bad about everthing lately I feel like I’m going to cry


  but I’m trying to keep my smile on my face…

I don’t want anybody to ask me what’s wrong with me cuz I don’t know.


A question just below in my mind..why can’t things  just go right?

things I want….

things I need…..

people I love…..


sometimes I think that good things happen to bad people and bad things

happen to good people….I know this is stupid.. 

I’m just feeling tired of thinking that way.


Ya Allah….. turn bad things away from me & turn me away from it 

and show me the best for me through your knowledge

Ya Rab


بـــــاتـــاتـــــس :) January 17, 2008

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صار لي شهووور انطر هالمطعم وأنا أطل وأراقب من مبنى الشغل

مرت أيام و أيام


وأسابيع وشهور


حتى في الأيام المغبرة والممطرة



أنا وميمو في باتاتس 😀



patatas thank you for being near my work 🙂