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I’m tooo late… September 21, 2007

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Ramadan Kareem to all of you Muslims and May Allah accept your fasting and your good deeds…


 After few days kids will celebrate Garangao which comes from the old heritage of our Gulf countries. it’s a traditional night comes in the middle of Ramadan (when the moon is full) The kids dress in traditional clothes and go from house to another to get candies and Singing some special song. At each house, they put some candy and nuts in each child’s bag, which they wear around their necks. In these years, some changes happened; now we make an expensive boxes and invented bags.


 This night brings the happiness to the kids and their families ,but we can’t ignore the reality the noise it could happen.. yes.. Because kids these days are different some of them knock at the door like they want to smash it, but they still kids… no matter!! I never go out to Garangoa when I was kid…  Now I’m mt7sfa cuz Garangao is fala  😦


قرنقعوة قرقاعوه

عطونا الله يعطيكم .. بيت مكه يوديكم..

يا مكة يالمعمورة.. يا أم السلاسل والذهب يا نورة

عطونا من مال الله.. يسلم لكم عبدالله

عطونا دحبة ميزان..يسلم لكم عزيزان

يا بنية يا الحبابة أبوج مشرع بابه

باب الكرم ما صكه ولا حطله بوابه 


Thank God this week is over September 6, 2007

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 This week was very busy … a lot of works and many personal problems, my Boss will take her vacation but this doesn’t mean that we will be free at work

 My friend is passing horrible conditions her father is sick now and it’s the third day and nothing new happened with him. I always make Dua’a to be fine and to be again with his family.

 Don’t worry nawrasbird your father will get better soon Insha’a Allah

Doje My best friend called me yesterday and she said ….today is my birthday  I felt very embarrassed to forget my best friend birthday

Doje this is 4 u…


          My Friend

I Have So Many Wishes for You …..Wish 4 u 2 have
people 2 love
people in ur life
who will care about u
as much as I do

blue skies and clear days
easy solutions 2 any problems
        knowledge 2 make the right decisions        

May All Your Dreams
Come True