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I’m in terrible conditions August 31, 2007

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My mom traveled by car to Bahrain with my older brother and my sisters, now I’m a lone with two of my brothers who difficult to determine with they want.

I rented a limousine it cost me 50 QR per day, I became responsible 4 all household duties beginning from cleaning to sweeping, because of all that I requested from my boss to have a leave and thank God she agreed. 

I started to wake up at 6:30 am to do my housework and cooking has a different story because  I don’t know cooking so I used to make orders from KFC, but my last news that I tried to cook (Machboos) yes… I took the ingredients from my friends at work and I just start, everything went okey, but after I left the rice on the fire to be ready for eating I surprised that the rice became like dough. 

My family will get home back Inshaallah tomorrow evening and life will get back soon to our house. Finally I have to admit that there was one good thing in this whole story………………………. I have lost few grams.


I wish I could… August 23, 2007

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Cooking is something fun… I really like to cook, but I don’t know how…actually I couldn’t even try it.

The embarrassing reason that my Mom refuses to let me get in to the kitchen,she thinks that I’ll make a mess…

Is that a logical reason?  However my friends always tell me that a girl on your age must know cooking. also the question that they always ask

(especially those who think they are real cookers)…

Do you know how to make a fried eggs?

Sure I know how to make egg, its simple…and why eggs? Tea is simpler Uh…


What do friendship means to you? August 21, 2007

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 If someone asks me this question, my answer definitely will be



 I grow up with my friends, I start understanding life with my friends, I finished school with my friends,  I  share my bad & good moments with my friends, Is there any one who share me these beautiful feelings?


I think that I’m so lucky  ” Thank God” I had my friends since I was 7 years till this day and I still meet very good friends such as nawarsbird my new friend at work..


It’s really nice when u find someone ready 2 hear from u…care about u…and careful to not u make any mistakes..


Fatoom, Jassmi, Doje and nawrasbird …my best friends..this is 4 u…


My friend,

who shares my worries with me..

who keep me away  from those who want to hurt me..

who listen and listen… not feel boring of me..

who when I ask her a favor she doesn’t say “no” to me..






How life could be beautiful ? August 19, 2007

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I always believe that life is beautiful….

even if there are painful moments……

This is the life policy and we can’t 

expect 2 be always happy .


1-  keep ur relationship strong  with

      the creator.

2-  Smiling 2 people makes you and the other happy.

3-  Do well 2 others, there would be no more harted in the heart of anyone.

4-  Exploit every minute in ur life.

5-  Be strong in ur decision-making.

6- Get away from abusing of  others.


                       …. SMILE 2 LIFE, LIFE SMILE BACK 2 U……




What I’m gonna do? August 14, 2007

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My friend at work get her day start so bad , she had a bad argument  with   her colleague, actually i can discribe that argument just a misunderstanding,  she’s so sad .. yeah my friend is so sensitive…

How can I get her out from that bad mood? good friends should support each other.

 Is there any way?

 Should i tell her 2 get a calm conversation with her??images1.jpg

Woow i’m really good in solving problems.

Will.. she refused ….

What..what I’m gonna do now???



100,000 QR August 13, 2007

It’s not easy 2 be the reason of lose and discredited  your Company… you’ve lose the Dept. a  free project costing 100,000 QR that exactly what my Boss was saying 2 me….


I forgot 2 send the Project Presentation to the Projects manager….


My Boss called me: Did u Send the Project Presentation 2 Mr. ………  I told her: Oh I forgot.. I’ll send it now. she said angry: It dose not work honey the General Manager is so angry and she took the project from us 2 tranfer it 2 another dept.


I didn’t understand how we lose a free project.. the reason that my Boss was mad that she was keeping thinking that the effort she came with 2 get this free project has disappeared.


Dead Chicken.. August 12, 2007

I hate that moment it was really embarrassing


That day my Boss was in a meeting before her Flight time  while i was sitting on my desk i saw my Boss’s driver and he was carying a white envelope and he just asked for her I told him immediately “she’s in a meeting” then I noticed that he was hesitating to give that  envelope, I just told him “why you’re scare give the envelope“, he looked at me and he said ” It’s Money” i told him “okay what’s the problem give the envelope” and i took that envelope…. while i was putting it middle my book he was watching me then he left….


My Boss get back from her meeting and i start talking with her forgetting about everything… then she told that she has to leave because it’s her trip time.


After she’s gone I remember the white envelope and I screemed “now I’m a dead chicken” then I call the Dept. Assistent ” MY BOSS JUST LEFT AND I FORGOT 2 GIVE HER THE MONEY” the Assistent was sooo calm and she answered me “I saw her driver took that white envelope from your desk“.