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Why pig is not healthy to eat? December 12, 2009

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I thought this is good information for ppl who eat pig, so I wanted to share it with you.



Meaning Of Names ~ May 2, 2009

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I’ve been wondering if English names have meanings, so I started searching and I found that many English names come from other languages such as Greek, French, German.. etc.. , so to know an English name’s meaning you have to go back to the name’s origins and check where it comes from for example “Alberto” ( German ) it means “noble +famous“, ” Adam” Hebrew word for “man” and “Catherine” (Greek ) means “pure“.


In Arabic most names have unique and beautifule meanings for example: “Muhammed” which is the most widely used name in the world means “revered” ,  “Adel” means: “Just” and “Khaled” means: “Enternal“.


“The majority of Arabic names, both feminine and masculine, are derived from Islam. They are names that are meant to glorify God or to express the parents’ faith in Islam. Other names are poetic and are drawn from earlier, pre-Islamic times and are usually the names of heroes or heroines from early Arabic poetry. A small amount of other names are descriptions of things that are considered beautiful in Arab cultures such as horses, light, roses and lions”. **qouted**. like “Maha” it means “oryxs” refers to its large, luminous eyes.


, so tell me what does your name mean? 🙂


big beautiful eyes


alot lot lot lot.. alot of things… February 5, 2009

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After horrible events in Gaza I’ve had my own hard moments also; the past few days were full of different emotions…


The worst thing that happened to me and had changed a lot in my personality was my engagement to a mystery guy..


Have you ever heard of a manager who’s busy planning to get her staff married???


My manager had arranged a plan with a mystery groom and his mom to come to our office to see me while I was ignorant of what is happening around me. She called me to her office and in front of him she started talking to me about things I didn’t understand. After he’s gone; she told me about her plan made and she kept talking about him..


she said… “so tell me…what do you think about him?….. Did you like him?”


WHAT???? o_O

How hell I’ll know him?? I didn’t realize his face either.

and does these things go like that????? in a workplace?????


I told her… “I have no answer at the moment. I’ll pray Estekhara then I’ll tell you about my decision”.


My manager and one of my colleagues have very close relationship with the groom’s mom. they started using the “HE HAS… HE HAS… AND THEY HAVE.”


They don’t know me; they kept talking about what he has not who he is and this what I really care about.


I felt bad from the beginning and this feeling was increasing after praying the Estekhara.


I have taken my decision after a week and I’m very happy with it. Day by day I hear a lot of things about his personality and about his family way of  life which I really don’t like.


,so I told my manager about my decision. It was “NO” ….of course.


1st Feb was my friend’s Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY FatOoOoOm, May all your wishes come true honey!  love you soooooooo much 🙂


And today I had an English placement test  in order to take English training courses.

and I think I did pretty well 🙂


So, hope you all happy days .. enjoy your weekends ❤





Relax , breathe and pull the trigger ^^ December 26, 2008

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Hey guys Its been a looong time since i’ve updated! 

the past two weeks were so tough 😦

I felt soooooo exhausted, so tell me…

what do you do usually to get relax after a hard working days?

ha? 🙂


Email Etiquette ^^ November 12, 2008

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While I was googling I found this website and I’ve been attracted to the subject “email etiquette tips” which I need to forward it to all staff at my work, and here are some of these tips:


1- Don’t discuss multiple subjects in a single message:

 absolutely and please send it to the concerned person. 


2- Don’t use e-mail to criticize others.

yeaaaaaaaah, we all can do this very well and we don’t use email only to criticize ppl,  we also use it as an evidence for those who always deny what they did…. “those bad ppl”  😀


3- Don’t reply in anger.

well…. this is only allowed for the managers.


4- Don’t overuse “reply to all.”:

 yup.. it can get you into troubles…. ask mjareb 😀


5- Don’t write in ALL CAPS.:

when I receive such an email and see those caps words, I immediately realize that I did a stupid thing.


6- Re-read your e-mail before you send it.

and make sure that you have chosen the right recipient.


Thats it guys 🙂 take care 🙂




كيفــــــــــ أصبحتـــــــــــ ؟ November 7, 2008

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من 3 أسابيع تقريباً وأنا أسمع برنامج – كيفـ أصبحتـ

برنامج إذاعي مباشر روووووعة

كل أسبوع يناقشون فيه موضوع اجتماعي وروحاني مع المستمعين ويبثون أناشيد روعة

وفيه فقرة للصغار إسمها “إسمع وصاتي

يبث على إذاعة القرآن الكريم -قطر

من الاحد إلى الخميس

ومن الساعة 6 صباحاً وحتى الساعة 7 والنصف صباحاً

أسمع البرنامج وأنا رايحة الدوام

يا حلو الواحد يروح دوامه أو مدرسته أوجامعته وهو يسمع ذكر الله

أنصح الجميع أنهم يستمعون إلى البرنامج

هذا لينك البث المباشر للإذاعة

  إذا كنتوا قاعدين اتكتكون على الكمبيوتر 🙂

وهذا ترددها 103:4

إذا كنتوا مشغلين راديوالموبايل أو جهاز الراديو 🙂


Feeling Blue :( October 4, 2008

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Tomorrow is the first day of work after the eid holiday,  I had a really good break … aaaaaaaaahhh I can’t believe it 😦 it just end so quick ..


Today I’ve got alot of msgs from my colleagues they want to make sure if tomorrow is  work or not! and it dosen’t stop here even my manager asked me the same question … i don’t want to disappointed them, but yeah towmorrow is the first day of work, so cheeeeeeeer up guys cheeeeeeer up all  😥


I’ve been always told that after a holiday… try to think back to the best times you had on the work days and feeling bad when you return from holiday is a sure sign that your internal life is out of balance. As a philosopher once said, . “If you’re doing your job just for the money, you should leave it tomorrow”.


for sure I’m not doing my job only for money I’m just missing my bed 😦