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… and life goes on… January 24, 2009

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The war is over … and Israel did not achieve its goals…. as usual.


The sad thing is what happened to our brothers and sisters of Suffering, Killing and Destroying was for an “UNNECESSARY WAR”.  


Why has the Muslim world done nothing?  How long we will keep watching the killing of our brothers and sisters all over the world?


They’ve been killed in front of the world’s eyes!!!!


Is this a normal situation???? ……..   Did we get use with it????………….


“May Allah (swt) forgive those who have died in Gaza and may He have mercy on their souls” …Amen.




2 Responses to “… and life goes on…”

  1. moneera Says:

    yah i think it’s an unneccessary war..
    the war is finished and israel didn’t benefit anything from
    what they did. they just destroied people life and they also hurt their self they will judge about the bad way that they killed people in gaza. i hope that they punished and not leave them without punishement.

  2. Najla Says:

    Its our hope..
    “We Need Justice”…

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