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Relax , breathe and pull the trigger ^^ December 26, 2008

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Hey guys Its been a looong time since i’ve updated! 

the past two weeks were so tough 😦

I felt soooooo exhausted, so tell me…

what do you do usually to get relax after a hard working days?

ha? 🙂


5 Responses to “Relax , breathe and pull the trigger ^^”

  1. awaasha Says:


    That’s the best thing to relax..

  2. Hanady Says:

    7abet el3enwan kteeer…

    shofe ya sete ana bs arja3 3a lbait o bshoof mama
    eh o allah bansa elsh’3l o ham elsh’3l..o lstress kelo bynza7 3ane…
    ba3dain bakol
    bs 5als akel bro7 nam.

    Shloon shftene ma3ek?? 😀

  3. Fatoom Says:

    I usually take a hot bath then a7e6 rase o anam 🙂

    Try it…. Trust me


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