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Email Etiquette ^^ November 12, 2008

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While I was googling I found this website and I’ve been attracted to the subject “email etiquette tips” which I need to forward it to all staff at my work, and here are some of these tips:


1- Don’t discuss multiple subjects in a single message:

 absolutely and please send it to the concerned person. 


2- Don’t use e-mail to criticize others.

yeaaaaaaaah, we all can do this very well and we don’t use email only to criticize ppl,  we also use it as an evidence for those who always deny what they did…. “those bad ppl”  😀


3- Don’t reply in anger.

well…. this is only allowed for the managers.


4- Don’t overuse “reply to all.”:

 yup.. it can get you into troubles…. ask mjareb 😀


5- Don’t write in ALL CAPS.:

when I receive such an email and see those caps words, I immediately realize that I did a stupid thing.


6- Re-read your e-mail before you send it.

and make sure that you have chosen the right recipient.


Thats it guys 🙂 take care 🙂




8 Responses to “Email Etiquette ^^”

  1. LoL
    i need to do the last one
    i’m always in a hurry

  2. holacarino Says:

    heheee 🙂 me too wallah,, but u know at work i try to be careful especially with “managers” 😀

    miss u sooo much 🙂

  3. Qabbani Says:

    Jameel 😀

    thx for share 😉

  4. holacarino Says:

    u welcome Qabbani 🙂

  5. awaasha Says:

    Hi Nayoool,

    Nice topic…LOVE IT

    I did a mistake today instead of sending an e-mail to the concerned people , I have sent it to a whole branch ..after reading your topic I felt very embarrassed.

    I ‘ll be more careful from now on…

    SEE YA ❤

  6. holacarino Says:

    Ooooh 😳
    thats really embarrasing, but funny too.. don’t worry just make sure not to do that again heeehhee 😛

  7. Hanady Says:

    heehheeee wallah 7elo elmawdo3 🙂

    lek ana este esa ma3a elemails… ra7 e7kelek ba3deen.. ma fe wasa3 hoon 😀 😉

  8. holacarino Says:

    3alena 😉

    mashi 🙂

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