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I’ll miss you indeed September 27, 2008

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Ramadan went very fast this year… it was just yesterday… 😦


I’ll miss everything in it…

waking up at the midnight…sohur… iftar ….everything belongs to it… hope Allah bless us with another ramadan in our lives nshallah…


I ask Allah to accept our fasting, prayers & dua’a..

forgive our mistakes and guide us all to the straight path..  

Ameen ya rab el3alameen…


4 Responses to “I’ll miss you indeed”

  1. Aisha Says:

    Indeed najla..will miss this holy month very much.Day & night ..
    I ask The Almighty ALLAH have this chance again next year and fast with all muslims.Ameen..

  2. Hanady Says:

    I hope Allah has forgiven us inshAllah

  3. omama Says:

    الله يتقبل منا سائر أعمالنا
    ويعيده علينا يارب ونحن بأتم الصحة والعافية

  4. La Señora lolitta Says:

    men jed it went too fast:(
    i hope that Allah forgive us for everythin’ we’d done
    miss ya so much sweety;)

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