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My Friends… November 6, 2007

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8 Responses to “My Friends…”

  1. apple Says:

    شكرا لك أنت يا اولاكارينو
    لا يستطيع الانسان ان يعيش بدون صديق وأحمد الله تعالى أن جعلك صديقتي تحمينني من كل سوء وتعاونني على الخير
    ونعم الأصدقاء انت


  2. Qabbani Says:


    friendship is a gift , and help make life easy 🙂

  3. holacarino Says:

    الله لا يحرمنا من بعض.. قولي آمييين 🙂

    You’re absolutely right 😉

  4. luluwa Says:

    hello my dear ,,,

    let me tell you something that my closer Cousin said to me …

    Friends are like baloon , the one you let them go you cant bring them back ,, that is why i tide you in my hart all ways …

    whish i can pull the rainbow to me and write my sweet friend name on it and pull it back to show every one in this world how colour full my life is to have a sweet friend as you …

    have a grate day ,, and thank you so much for your sweet friedship gift

  5. holacarino Says:

    Thank u Lolo 4 ur words, 🙂

    U know something… my friends are the Precious gift from Allah…
    I thank him always 4 having such good friends like them.

  6. luluwa Says:

    your most wellcome sweety

  7. nawrasbird Says:

    Maybe I’m the last one .. but I think you have many friends not open this page & comment here..

    I have GREAT Friends like you.. & I always thank GOD because I have Wonderful Friends..

    I’m really consider you as sister not just a friend..

    We will be together forever… I hope that

  8. holacarino Says:

    Thank u sis 😀

    That’s right i have Fatoom & Jassmi

    they always don’t have time 2 set on the copmuter 😡

    nshallah we’ll b 2gather 4ever 😉

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