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I wish I could… August 23, 2007

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Cooking is something fun… I really like to cook, but I don’t know how…actually I couldn’t even try it.

The embarrassing reason that my Mom refuses to let me get in to the kitchen,she thinks that I’ll make a mess…

Is that a logical reason?  However my friends always tell me that a girl on your age must know cooking. also the question that they always ask

(especially those who think they are real cookers)…

Do you know how to make a fried eggs?

Sure I know how to make egg, its simple…and why eggs? Tea is simpler Uh…


9 Responses to “I wish I could…”

  1. moneera Says:

    also my mom never let me do anything in the kitchen ,but i do some simple things 😉 .

  2. holacarino Says:

    well, I think all girls share this problem!!

    and what do u mean about “simple things”?

    Is it eggs and tea?

    anyway welcome to my space 🙂

  3. moneera Says:

    First, thank you very much because resopnsed on my comment.
    second, about the question i make sweets and pasta.

    bye 🙂

  4. nawrasbird Says:

    Dear .. I was think the cooking is difficult and can’t any one to cook..
    But after some attempts.. I felt it is so so nice & interesting..
    my attempts in ccoking not successed 100%… but it was nice..

    good luck on cooking 🙂

  5. holacarino Says:


    U make me intrested 2 try ur cooks
    good luck 😉


    that’s right cooking is fun
    but i can’t cook 😥
    thank u sis

  6. luluwa Says:

    hai my sweet friend ,,,
    frist i would like to say abig THANK YOU for your subject today i mean Cooking ,,,,
    For me the cooking is soooooooo nice and let me tell you yesterday i cooked and dad tryed it so he said yameeeeeeee 10 on 10

    about mum she gave me alote of comments ,,,
    well every gril must know how to cook , coz it will help her in her Feature ………
    and one thing more cooking is an art so i am sure that we all are super cookers right ????
    thank you …

  7. holacarino Says:


    You did a completion, ur Dad liked your food ? u so genius…

    and yes.. yes we’re super cookers.. super and genius cookers.

  8. luluwa Says:

    Thats like a good shif …………
    thank you sooooooooooo much i will try to cook today also and you too my sweet freind …
    have a grate day …

  9. holacarino Says:

    Thank u, hope all ur family like what ur going 2 cook 2day 😉

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