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What I’m gonna do? August 14, 2007

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My friend at work get her day start so bad , she had a bad argument  with   her colleague, actually i can discribe that argument just a misunderstanding,  she’s so sad .. yeah my friend is so sensitive…

How can I get her out from that bad mood? good friends should support each other.

 Is there any way?

 Should i tell her 2 get a calm conversation with her??images1.jpg

Woow i’m really good in solving problems.

Will.. she refused ….

What..what I’m gonna do now???



3 Responses to “What I’m gonna do?”

  1. nawrasbird Says:

    I think you ‘re talking about me.
    really you are wonderful friend. you was try to let me get out from my bad mood.
    but really I forget every thing quickly. & I’m now become good & on “not bad mood”.
    misunderstanding happened some times between friends but really we should not make it bigger & bigger.

    thanks alot my friend, your words always let me get out from my bad mood

  2. holacarino Says:

    How did u Know i was talking about u?? U so Genuis.. hhhhhhhhhhhhh

    U really forgot everything… I didn’t notice…

    I wasted my time writing this post…

    Now I’m the sad one 😦 …

    Of course u know what u should do..this is called” Friends Mission”.

  3. nawrasbird Says:

    Dear .. you didn’t waste your time by wruiting this post..
    because the friends must be together and support each other.

    really .. just not words I want to write you are good friend..
    and didn’t leave me when I was in that mood.


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