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100,000 QR August 13, 2007

It’s not easy 2 be the reason of lose and discredited  your Company… you’ve lose the Dept. a  free project costing 100,000 QR that exactly what my Boss was saying 2 me….


I forgot 2 send the Project Presentation to the Projects manager….


My Boss called me: Did u Send the Project Presentation 2 Mr. ………  I told her: Oh I forgot.. I’ll send it now. she said angry: It dose not work honey the General Manager is so angry and she took the project from us 2 tranfer it 2 another dept.


I didn’t understand how we lose a free project.. the reason that my Boss was mad that she was keeping thinking that the effort she came with 2 get this free project has disappeared.


2 Responses to “100,000 QR”

  1. nawrasbird Says:

    Be careful next time.. your job request not to forget any thing even be small.
    but we learn from our mistakes.

    any way “t3eshe we ta5de 3″erha ” 😀

  2. holacarino Says:

    Oh yeahh.. Forgotten is something bad..

    Wait a Secound…. u forget 2.

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