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Dead Chicken.. August 12, 2007

I hate that moment it was really embarrassing


That day my Boss was in a meeting before her Flight time  while i was sitting on my desk i saw my Boss’s driver and he was carying a white envelope and he just asked for her I told him immediately “she’s in a meeting” then I noticed that he was hesitating to give that  envelope, I just told him “why you’re scare give the envelope“, he looked at me and he said ” It’s Money” i told him “okay what’s the problem give the envelope” and i took that envelope…. while i was putting it middle my book he was watching me then he left….


My Boss get back from her meeting and i start talking with her forgetting about everything… then she told that she has to leave because it’s her trip time.


After she’s gone I remember the white envelope and I screemed “now I’m a dead chicken” then I call the Dept. Assistent ” MY BOSS JUST LEFT AND I FORGOT 2 GIVE HER THE MONEY” the Assistent was sooo calm and she answered me “I saw her driver took that white envelope from your desk“.


4 Responses to “Dead Chicken..”

  1. nawrasbird Says:

    Hi holacarino,

    But you ‘re still Bata “Duck” , not chicken 🙂
    take every thing easy dear , It’s bad moment’s… but what we can do!
    and there’s people don’t feel they embarrassing you by their behaviors.

    See you

  2. holacarino Says:

    hhhhh u so cool nawrasbird oopps I mean “wiza” Goose 😀

  3. Doj Says:

    Dear holacarino

    it happend to me sometimes take it easy… we are hummens ….


  4. holacarino Says:

    That’s right “ya 3mri” 😀

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